Where do we go from here?

Posted on September 1, 2016 in events

Recently a friend asked whether I found it strange to send my work into the world without journeying alongside it.  Nah, not strange—a thrill!  Each piece acts as an emissary, traveling much further than I ever could.  These works might not move mountains…but they might challenge minds or move hearts in places I’ll never know firsthand.  How cool is that?

Last month Encroachment landed in Decatur, Georgia for Decatur Arts Alliance’s “Book as Art:  Boundless” exhibition.  If you happen to be in the Peach State this September, swing by the Decatur Library to explore the show.  http://decaturartsalliance.org/book-as-art-boundless/

Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado—operated by Alicia Bailey, herself an accomplished book artist—is one of a handful of galleries devoted to the book arts.  They host an annual juried exhibition, with an opening this year planned for September 16.  I’m honored that Grief in Five Volumes was accepted.

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