Exploration, Inspiration, Translation

Posted on August 31, 2016 in inspiration

treewayWhat nudges the creative impulse?  What sustains making?  Much of the time, immersion in the world seems enough—to soak up ideas, to notice nuance, to catch the shadings of a cloud’s shadow or the shift of emotion on a stranger’s face.  But after all this soaking in, I retreat to the studio to translate what I’ve witnessed into a particular visual language.

Summer hikes through Enchanted Valley (aptly named) and a vigorous scramble to Klone Lakes (a far less poetic moniker for a secluded bliss) offer hue and texture, perspective and retreat.  Retreat from the turbulence and anguish of societies in conflict.  Sometimes that quiet space is what I hope you find in my art—a sanctuary, a place of peace, a waypost at which to simply “be.”  (Some of my artist’s books, in contrast, tend to offer less in the way of comfort…but that’s for another posting…)

For now, rest in the beautiful and gather your strength for life’s arduous—and glorious—struggle.


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