artist statement

A sense of place is often at the root of my art-making—even in its most abstracted forms. A particular piece may suggest the natural beauty of the physical landscape, sourced from the reflections found in rivers and puddles to the patterning of light and shadow under the forest canopy. Another work might build from an emotional place—grief, fury, longing, joy—and pull the viewer in to share that experience. I edit down to essences and sensations, evoking a poetry of sorts, wanting the viewer to connect with these “places” in some meaningful, resonant way.

I look for form to follow concept and revel in a beautifully executed idea. A grounding in the making of artist’s books informs my 2-dimensional constructions and installations; I am drawn to processes and materials that invite touch, that celebrate the tactile qualities that encourage us to connect with one another. I invite the viewer to a quiet intimacy.